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Configuring an Additional SNMP Community on CA API Gateway Server


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


How do I configure another SNMP community on our Gateway server so we can leverage an external monitor to collect data?


Component: APIGTW


In snmp, there are two community fields when it comes to snmp request and response. Those are Read Only community and Read/Write community. Read Only community is for get, getnext and getbulk requests, where as Read/Write community is for set requests. 

By default, Read Only community (rocommunity) is "public" and Read/Write community is "private". This can be given some other string but it should be matched with the agents which are communicating with the manager. Only one Read Only community and Read/Write community can be configured at a time. 

Coming to traps : 
With all these alerts, the agent needs to be told where to send them, specifying the type of notification (v1 or v2 trap, or v2 inform) and the community name to use. This uses the snmpd.conf directives 'trapsink', 'trap2sink' and 'informsink' for the destination type, and 'trapcommunity' for the community name. SNMPv3 destinations can be configured using the directive 'trapsess'. 

See the 'snmpd.conf(5)' man page for details. 

Note that the type of trap generated is totally determined by these directives - irrespective of which API call was used to trigger sending the trap. See the trap-related entries in the CODING section for details. 

Note also that you typically only want *one* of the settings: 

trapsink localhost 
trap2sink localhost 
informsink localhost 

Including two (or all three) of these lines in the snmpd.conf file will result in multiple copies of every notifications being sent for each call to 'send_easy_trap()' (or 'send_v2trap()'). 

This is probably not what was intended! 

The simplest way is to use the configure directives: 

rocommunity public (for SNMPv1/2c) 
rwcommunity private 


rouser user1 (for SNMPv3) 
rwuser user2