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Migrating a DataCenter fails if another DataCenter exists with the same name.


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CA Spectrum


The Spectrum/UIM Integration allows you to move a DataCenter from one landscape to another. If there are mupltiple VCenters that contain a DataCenter with the same name, the migration of the DataCenter will fail.


Spectrum 10.2.X
UIM 8.5.X


Spectrum is maintaining a map of DataCenters by considering DataCenter name as a  unique key for internal processing instead of the DataCenter id.


This issue is resolved with Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.355  for Spectrum version 10.2.3 and Spectrum 10.3.1 or greater.

We now use the Data Center id in the internal map of data centers instead of using the name as the primary key.

Additional Information

Please open a ticket with Support to obtain a copy of the patch.