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GSV3718E (MAIN) Configuration module for JES2 2.3 service level 1 not found


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After having applied a maintenance on z/OS 2.3 (based on RSU1807), Sysview is getting messages:
GSV3718E (MAIN) Configuration module for JES2 2.3 service level 1 not found   
GSV3717I (MAIN) Checking for JES configuration module GSVBJ230                
GSV3774I (MAIN) Using JES configuration module GSVBJ230, service level 0      
GSV3704W (MAIN) JES service level 1 does not match GSVBJ230 module level 0    
GSV3712I (MAIN) JES2 services initialization ended     


z/OS 2.3  JES2 2.3.1


JES2 configuration module not available


 z/os 2.3.1 jes2 module will be included in the next Feature PTF. (FEATURE PTF 10).

In the meantime, a possible workaround, as stated on Sysview Release Notes documentation, since, with this release of CA SYSVIEW, it is no longer required to assemble the JES configuration module during installation or reassemble when applying JES2 maintenance.  an SMP/E USERMOD is generated in the SAMPJCL data set (member USRM0004) to allow to assemble a configuration module in the rare case where the correct module was not provided.

In any case after an internal review, it has been verified that there were no changes that affected SYSVIEW, so using the configuration module for Service Level 0 will be fine.
Moreover, after applying Feature PTF #7 (SO01737), the GSV3718E messages is no longer issued, because, if a config module for a JES2 service level is not found, the informational message GSV3718I is issued instead

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