Spectrum 10.3 Rest header is not same as 10.2.3
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Spectrum 10.3 Rest header is not same as 10.2.3


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CA Spectrum


We use Spectrum RestFul API for automation scripts for our customer onboarding and automated discovery. We have recently upgraded to 10.3 and are seeing a discrepancy on the return of rest queries 

With 10.2.3 the first key in the header response was Server with a value of Apache-Coyote/1.1. This same header does not exist in the same call for 10.3 

In addition in 10.2.3 :
HTTPResponseStatusLine = “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” 
HTTPResponseReasonPhrase = “OK” 

In 10.3 :
HTTPResponseStatusLine= “HTTP/1.1 200” 
HTTPResponseReasonPhrase = “” 

This causes our automated scripts to fail parsing and we are unable to onboard customers or run auto discoveries.


Spectrum 10.3


Spectrum 10.3 included an upgrade to Tomcat 9. As per the reported issues in Tomcat, Tomcat stopped sending "Reason Phrase" from tomcat 8.5 version onward.


Recommend to edit your scripts to accommodate the new format from Tomcat 9.