How to prevent Alarms on newly discovered Virtual Machines in CA Spectrum
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How to prevent Alarms on newly discovered Virtual Machines in CA Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Virtual Machines (VMs) added to the Virtual Center Application Insight Module (VC AIM) are being automatically discovered in CA Spectrum.

When this takes place new Alarms are generated on them. In this case these are not ready for production and shouldn't show Alarms for CA Spectrum users.

The CA Spectrum Virtual Host Manager (VHM) functionality is hard coded to discover new VMs every 15 minutes. It automatically generates the model for the VM, and raises Alarms on them new model as needed.

How can this be controlled to prevent Alarm raise for VMs not ready for production?


All supported CA Spectrum releases


Use the configuration option to place newly discovered Virtual Machine models in Maintenance when first discovered. This will prevent generation of Alarms on the models until Maintenance Mode is disabled.

Configure Maintenance Mode for New Virtual Machines

Virtual Host Manager automatically models the virtual machines that vCenter manages. CA Spectrum attempts to manage all discovered models. However, some virtual machines are not ready for CA Spectrum management when they are initially modeled. For example, CA Spectrum generates a Virtual Machine Powered Down alarm when it detects virtual machines that are powered down. To prevent undesired alarms on new models, you can select virtual machine models to be immediately placed into maintenance mode. Later, you can manually disable maintenance mode when you are ready to manage these devices.

Configure the maintenance mode for new virtual machines in OneClick.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Virtual Host Manager in the Navigation panel.
    The main details page opens in the Contents panel for the selected Virtual Host Manager.
  2. Click the Information tab.
  3. Expand the Configuration, VMware, vCenter Discovery subview.
  4. Click Set in the "Maintenance Mode for New Virtual Machines" field, and select one of the following options:
    • Place only Powered down VMs in Maintenance Mode
      (Default) Applies maintenance mode only to powered-down or suspended virtual machine models at initial vCenter Discovery.
    • Place all VMs in Maintenance Mode
      Applies maintenance mode to all new virtual machine models upon initial vCenter Discovery.

    Your setting is saved, and new virtual machines that are modeled in Virtual Host Manager are placed into maintenance mode according to your selection.

Additional Information

Please reference the " Configure Maintenance Mode for New Virtual Machines" section of the documentation for more information.