Looking for how to write API call from Java program
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Looking for how to write API call from Java program


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Looking for how to write API call from Java program, But found only for RSA , Java SNK Security Calls OS: Z/Os 2.1 Software Version: 16.0. Does Top Secret have API for JAVA?  


Component: TSSMVS


The answer is Yes. You can perform functions through IBM's Java library such as: 

• Authenticate a user with credentials 
• Change a user’s password/phrase 
• Check user authorization to a resource 
• Generate a passticket for a user + application name 

The SAF Java library works with any security manager that works with RACROUTE. Product teams within CA have verified this with Top Secret, RACF, and ACF2. 

The names of the Java libraries we have used are: 

RACF.jar (for authentication and authorization) 
IRRRacf.jar (for passtickets) 

We use these classes: 

import com.ibm.os390.security.PlatformAccessControl; 
import com.ibm.os390.security.PlatformReturned; 
import com.ibm.os390.security.PlatformUser; 
import com.ibm.eserver.zos.racf.IRRPassTicket; 
import com.ibm.eserver.zos.racf.IRRPassTicketGenerationException; 

An IBM document that describes the Java libraries: