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ServiceDeskIntegrationSetup utility does not accept users with special characters


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CA Spectrum


If you provide a username with any special characters, you will get a message similar to the below:

----- Service Desk Integration Setup -----
-  OneClick server information must
- be gathered in order to enable the
- integration with Service Desk.
-   OneClick Server name?> Server1
-   OneClick Server port?> 8080
-   OneClick Homepage path [default="spectrum"]?> spectrum
-   Username?> ca_discov
-     *** Error: Invalid user name. ***



Spectrum 10.2.x
Spectrum 10.3


The ServiceDeskIntegrationSetup utility does not accept users with special characters.


This problem was already mapped, and a fix will be included in the next CA Spectrum version.

As a workaround, the following procedure can be done:

1- Run the utility again, with any username, and provide the password of the desired user.

2- After that, you just need to change the username to the desired one, in the <Service_Desk_Installation_directory>/bin/oc-integration.cfg file, located in the Service Desk server.