CA PPM: Difference Between Default and Planned Allocation
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CA PPM: Difference Between Default and Planned Allocation


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What is the difference between the Default and Planned Allocation? Which is used to calculate the Average Allocation?


Component: PPRPRM


The Planned Allocation represents the total allocation amount requested by the project manager. This Planned Allocation is what is used to calculate the allocation hours. The Planned Allocation is also what is used to determine the Average Allocation percentage. 

The Default Allocation is the allocation that is used to populate the planned allocation or a planned allocation segment if one is not defined by the user. In the below screenshot, there is not a planned allocation defined by the user for the months of August and October, so for these two months, the default Allocation of 100% is used. For the months of September and November, the user defined allocation percentages of 0% and 50% are used. 

In this example, the Average Allocation takes into account the percentage in all four segments. 

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