spin loop after cancel of xmanager task
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spin loop after cancel of xmanager task


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In the process of bringing down system c302 to prepare for an IPL a cancel was issued by automation for the XMANAGER STC. After the 222 was issued the task took an abend702 rc14; PIDS/ZOS#CAHCK RIDS/CASHCLPA#L RIDS/CASHCRES AB/S0702 PRC REGS/81568 RIDS/CASHCSTA#R SYMPTOM DESCRIPTION ------- ----------- PIDS/ZOS#CAHCK PROGRAM ID: ZOS#CAHCK RIDS/CASHCLPA#L LOAD MODULE NAME: CASHCLPA RIDS/CASHCRES CSECT NAME: CASHCRES AB/S0702 SYSTEM ABEND CODE: 0702 PRCS/00000014 ABEND REASON CODE: 00000014 REGS/0EA20 REGISTER/PSW DIFFERENCE FOR R0E: A20 REGS/81568 REGISTER/PSW DIFFERENCE FOR R08:-1568 RIDS/CASHCSTA#R RECOVERY ROUTINE CSECT NAME: CASHCSTA An excessive spin was then detected and the system was varied out of the plex after the set time interval expired. I will be sending in an slip dump of the 071 abend and logrec Macy's is running z/os 2.1. xmanager is at 19.0


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The problem is the stopping of the Xmanager address space with a S222 command.


The Xmanager should be stopped in a control manner. Here is a link to the documentation on Stopping Collections. Canceling with a S222 can have unpredictable results.
There is a Common Services PTF RO91550 you can apply which should stop the S702 abends.