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Change Connector Credentials


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


How do we update the configuration information for an existing connector.

How do I change the username and password for a connector?


SOI 4.x


You can change the username and password in the respective connector configuration file.

Follow these steps:

For each connector, the configuration file is located in the following folder:


 - Open the configuration file for editing.
 - Locate the username and password fields.
 - Because the password is encrypted, you next run the encryption utility.
 - Open a command line and locate the encryption utility in the following folder:


 - Run the following command:

   EncryptSAMCreds.bat password_to_encrypt

 - Copy and paste the encrypted password in the properties file password field.
 - Save the properties file.
 - Restart the CA SAM Integration Services service to implement the changes.

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