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SLA Trend Report Not Showing Expected SLAs


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iDash Workload Automation


An SLA Trend Report is not showing an SLA that completed within the report's specified timeframe if the report is generated prior to the deadline defined in the SLA. If the report is generated after the SLA's defined deadline, it will then be included.


Component: 7IDASH


When an SLA Trend Report is generated, the timeframe is applied to SLA deadlines to determine the SLAs that will be included in the report output. Even if the SLA has already completed, it will not show up in a trend report unless the deadline falls within the report's timeframe. Consider the following regarding the end time for an SLA Trend Report using the various timeframe options...

"Past Days" - The end time of the report will default to "23:59" for the day the report is generated. This can be adjusted in the report definition to an earlier time for that day.
"Time Interval" - The time of day for the end time is included in the specified date interval
"Past Hours" - The end time of the report will be set to the exact day and time the report is generated. This cannot be adjusted.