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Investigator is not showing all the metrics for .Net Agent


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The APM .Net Agent documentation provides the steps to configure a different profile for a particular application.

Basically the procedure consist in editing the web.config file of that particular application and adding the <configSections> and <com.wily.introscope.agent> sections from the <Agent_Home>\Sample.exe.config file. 

There are situations though where only the agent's metrics are seen in Investigator and none of the application's.

The procedure is described at this section in the documentation:


All the .NET APM Agent versions

All the APM EM versions


All paths in the profile file are relative to its own location 

However, If the new profile file is created in a folder other than the initial agent install path, then the directives will not be found and no metrics will be gathered for the application

For example, if the profile contains the following entry:


Then the agent will look for those files at the same path where the new profile file resides. 


It is needed to

  1. Create a logs folder under the new path
  2. Copy all the pbd and pbl from WILY_HOME to the new path
  3. Copy the folders ext, hotdeploy and dynamic to the new path
  4. If different log settings is needed, copy also logging.config.xml to the new path
  5. Restart the application
  6. Metrics should be seen in the Investigator


Additional Information

When a new profile is created at the same level than the default IntroscopeAgent.profile, WILY_HOME,  then it will work just fine.