Negative Surrogate
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Negative Surrogate


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CA Plex


The following message is displayed when extracting a local model from a group model. 

1 negative surrogates were found in group model <GroupModelName>, please contact product support.


Component: CPLEX


This message about a negative surrogate is only a warning and will not be a problem. Negative surrogates are not a problem unless you begin to see a large number of them and especially if you see the number of negative surrogates increasing at a fast pace. 

We recommend to disable extracting the negative surrogates to local model by following Plex.ini file setting: 

Mask Negative Surrogates=1 

The negative surrogate warning will be there as negative surrogates are present in group model; extract process will always log the warning. 
If negative triple surrogates are detected within the group model on an extract, the error appears. By default this is displayed as a dialog and in the message log. 
The dialog can be switched off with the following Plex.ini file setting: 

Show Negative Surrogates Error Dialog=0 

If Negative Surrogates remains the same - there is no problem.