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CA7 SLA Showing Missed but Showing Yesterdays Completion Time


Article ID: 113467


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iDash Workload Automation


Several CA7 SLAs are showing missed in iDash but the completion time for the SLA is set to the completion time from the previous day. iDash does not appear to be receiving current job status data from CA7.


Component: 7IDASH


A large batch update to a large amount of jobs had been loaded into CA7. When this occurs, it will generate a large amount of delta files on the iDash server that it must process. This will slow down the processing of new events coming into iDash from CA7. Therefore, job status may not update in a timely manner on the iDash side, causing SLAs to report either as "Predicted Miss" or "Missed" until it can catch up.


Breaking up large batch updates in CA7 into smaller loads with a 3-5 minute delay between them can minimize the impact on CA7 event processing in iDash. However, anytime there is a mass update in CA7, event processing delays in iDash should be expected.