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Mismatch between Catalog and TMC expiration date


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The TMC EXPDT does not match the expiration date in the Catalog Entry.
What could be the reason for this?


Release: ONE...00200-14.0-One-TAPE MANAGEMENT


After creation of a Data Set, the expiration date in the catalog entry is zeros (0000.000),
even if an EXPDT or RETPD was specified in the JCL or during dynamic allocation of the Data Set.
If there is an Expiration Date in the catalog entry, then this  must have been set manually running
IDCAMS ALTER with FOR(nnnnn) or TO(yyyyddd)

NOTE: The expiration date in the Catalog entry is not used by CA 1 to protect tapes. CA 1 just looks
at the EXPDT in the TMC. In case the retention for a tape data set should be extended, don't use
IDCAMS ALTER and update the TMC EXPDT instead using:

- TMSUPDTE to update the EXPDT in batch
- the CA 1 ISPF interface to update the EXPDT online
- the CA 1 ISPF interface option

  2 UTILITIES - Perform CA 1 utility functions  ->
  6 EXTEND - Extend expiration date of data set from EXPDT