In CA TPX User Self-Maintenance, what does user option ACCESS field value MULTIPLE mean?
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In CA TPX User Self-Maintenance, what does user option ACCESS field value MULTIPLE mean?


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


Trying to do User Self-maintenance. For user option ACCESS, F1 (HELP) doesn't describe MULTIPLE which shows up as the system default.

I cannot find any further description of MULTIPLE for this option in the documentation. 

           TPX Userid Maintenance Detail Panel                         
                                                           Panelid  - TEN0166 
 Command ===>                                              Userid   - uuuuuuu 
                                                           Termid   -  
Userid:   uuuuuuu                                          Date     -  
UserName:                                                  Time     -  
Location:                         Phone:                                      
                                    Profile defaults    System defaults       
ACCESS:                 ______      ______              MULTIPLE              
Transfer option:        MULT        ____       

Here are the F1 (HELP) field level details:

ACCESS changes the user's session access privileges from that specified in the SMRT
- SINGLE restricts the user from having more than one session at a time.
- PASS restricts the user to having passed sessions only.


What does ACCESS user option mean when set to MULTIPLE?


TPX 5.4


The value MULTIPLE can only be selected at the SMRT level, not during User maintenance (either self-maintenance or admin user maintenance). This is why "MULTIPLE" is not displayed on this help panel.

It is listed on the SMRT System Features help panel:

          ACCESS - Specifies whether you want this TPX to function as MULTIPLE
          (multiple-session manager), SINGLE (single-session manager), or PASS 
          (pass session only) .


MULTIPLE allows the user to have more than one TPX session at a time.


Additional Information

  • For a user with ACCESS MULTIPLE, this user can only have more than one session of a particular application if that application supports this (defined as MUSASS - Multiple-User, Single Address Space System).
  • The value in the left most column will take precedence, if present: User level default overrides profile default which overrides system default.