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cdm probe not syncing properly with cluster probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


cdm probe not registering/syncing properly with the cluster and we get an error in the cdm log.

Aug 10 08:02:23:457 [9808] cdm: Unable to register section /cluster/Cluster Group/disk for group Cluster Group with cluster probe (error) 
Aug 10 08:02:23:488 [9808] cdm: Unable to register section /cluster/[ClusterGroupName]/disk for group [ClusterGroupName] with cluster probe (error) 


cdm v6.30
UIM v8.5.1


Configuration issue.


With the latest cluster probe already deployed, please do the following:

1. Rt-click and deactivate the cdm probe
2. save off the cdm.cfg for restoring later
3. rt-click and delete the cdm probe
2. Stop the Robot Watcher service
3. delete the cdm probe folder from the file system
4. Re-activate the robot service
5. Deploy the latest version of the cdm probe again

After re-deploying the cdm probe, see if you can discover the cluster drives in the cluster probe now...