OWB "Save As" keeps the baseline
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OWB "Save As" keeps the baseline


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We notice that when a baselined project is saved from Open Workbench (OWB) to CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) as another (new) project the baseline is retained on the new project.  


Component: PPMOWB


This is working as designed. When a project is saved back as a new project it will keep the baseline data. To workaround this behavior, you can delete the baseline after the new project is created via PPM or OWB.

To delete in PPM:

  1. Click on the Properties drop down on the Project properties page
  2. Click on the Baseline subpage
  3. Click on the checkbox next to the Baseline to be deleted and click Delete
To delete in OWB:
  1. From the Project tab click on Manage in the 'Baselines' box
  2. Uncheck the Current check box next to the baseline you want to delete
  3. Click the left most cell to highlight the entire row
  4. Click the Delete button