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how to make some catalog requests not show up in catalog GUI


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I show around 112 requests between Feb 18th & May 31st of 2018 whose statuses do not a line between the usm_subscription_detail table and the usm_reques table.; 75 of them have a -1 value in the name field within the usm_request table & a status of 1000 while the matching request id in the usm_subscription_detail table has a status of 0. I would like to change the status value within the usm_request table but I am not sure what the correct value should be for the request_id in question? for example should value be changes to 0 or 4?

How to make some catalog requests not show up in catalog GUI ?  


Service Catalog 17.1  , 14.1 , 12.9 


The status in usm_request and usm_subscription_detail table refers to the definition in requestshared.xml file on the catalog server . *

For those requests (for example ,  whose request names are -1 ) you  found , if you  want to delete those requests ( i.e. completely invisible in catalog GUI ) , you can set its status as 4 ( cancelled ) in MDB manually in usm_request and usm_subscription_detail tables .  Then those requests  will be able to be deleted from catalog GUI . After  being  deleted from catalog GUI,  those requests  will no longer be visible in catalog GUI.  Or , if  you  want ,  you can simply set the status of those requests in usm_request and usm_subscription_detail tables as 0 ( deleted ) manually in the database  .