UNC shared filestore folder in catalog causes the attachment issue
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UNC shared filestore folder in catalog causes the attachment issue


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We have   catalog nodes ( two nodes ) point to a shared filestore folder . after that , we cannot attach files to catalog request anymore


catalog 17.1 , 14.1, 12.9 


The owner of the catalog service on catalog nodes  doesn't have the write permission on the network shared filestore folder 


When you have more than one  catalog  node ,  you will need to configure all catalog nodes point to the same  shared filestore folder .   You will need to make sure this network shared filestore folder  have the read and write permission by all those catalog nodes . 

1.  In catalog GUI,   go to Administration -> Configuration  -> File Store Information ,  after you put the network shared folder ,  you need to click "TEST" button and make sure it is able to get successful message . 

2.  On that network shared filestore folder ,  you need to make sure that catalog nodes have both read and write permission  .

Note :

When you attach a file to a catalog request ,  the attached file is stored in filestore\documents\requests\ and under its corresponding request's subfolder there .