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what kind of load balancer we can use for catalog cluster nodes


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There is no any requirement in terms of what kind of load balancer you can use for catalog cluster nodes .  

We have only one load balancer server for ITPAM and Catalog. So have installed NGIX load balancer for ITPAM on load balancer server. Now can we install Apache load balancer for Catalog on same server?  Please let us know any impact.


catalog 17.1 , 14.1 , 12.9 


There is no any particular requirement  in terms of what kind of load balancer that you can use for catalog cluster nodes env .    In theory , any kind of load balancer ( hardware LB or software LB ) can be used in front of catalog cluster nodes to direct  catalog access traffic .   

For example ,  based on  checking ,   NGIX  is also open source software load balancer , similar as Apache LB . NGIX and Apache are independent and separate software . So   it doesn't matter you want to install them on the same machine or separate machines. 

We  only documented Apache LB setup simply as proof of concept purpose ( to show that you can have LB in front of catalog servers ) . It does NOT mean you can only use Apache LB for catalog servers at all . As i mentioned , most customers do not actually use Apache LB for their catalog servers . Instead , they use F5 ( hardware LB ) or even use Microsoft's IIS as LB for catalog servers . So , it really doesn't matter what kind of LB you are going to use for catalog servers as soon as the LB can be configured to re-direct the URL to one of catalog servers's URL correctly . So , in a sense ,  you can even simply configure your existing NGIX LB ( for ITPAM ) as LB for catalog servers also . As soon as the specific LB URL that your users use to access catalog can correctly be re-directed ( by NGIX LB ) to one of the catalog servers accordingly , it should be fine . 

If you are going to use Apache LB as LB for catalog server , you can simply strictly follow the documentation that we have about it to set up Apache LB .