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Process completes successfully but does not make the expected changes / changes revert back


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Process is kicked off and completes successfully, but the values are not updating until page refresh. This is seen as an intermittent issue

This can also cause the values changing to incorrect values in both the UI and Database (DB). The audit trail shows the values are updated to expected values before then changing to incorrect values.

If you have clicked on Save on the object instead of Save and Return, you see the values are not updating until you reopen it or refresh

This can be seen with various process types including using XOG, GEL, or system action


Example scenario: Process is used to update field values to a Validation status once an attribute is set to a specific value and a sub page is saved.

  1. Update the validation value to the required value on a project subpage and click Save to initiate an auto start process
  2. Wait for the process to complete, but do not refresh the subpage
  3. Click Save again on the subpage 


All versions of Clarity


  1. This issue can happen when a user is already on a page where changes will be made by a process before the process starts and then clicks save or submit after the process completes. 
  2. Clarity will then overwrite the changes made by the process


This is a known limitation with Clarity.

Users should be trained to:

1. Use the submit / Save and Return button instead of the Save button


2. Refresh the page after ensuring the process completes (after making changes)

Tip: Enabling of auditing for impacted attributes can aid in troubleshooting