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Spectrum AutoDiscovery not finding devices when using Seed Routers


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum AutoDiscovery not finding devices when using Seed Routers. Using the following configuration as an example, the ip address in the "IP / Host Name Boundary List" is not found even though this ip address is pingable from the SpectroSERVER system and can be modeled by ip from the OneClick Universe view.


Any version of Spectrum running on any supported operating system.


When using a Seed Router in your discovery and selecting the "Scan Subnets Using ICMP/SNMP Sweep", the discovery sweeps the subnets configured on the router. When it finds an ip address it can communicate with, it checks the ip address against the ip addresses and address lists in the "IP / Host Name Boundary List". If the ip address found in the sweep is not an ip address included in theĀ "IP / Host Name Boundary List", the discover does not include this ip address in the discovery results, even though it was able to communicate with it during the sweep.

The ip address found during the subnet sweep of a seed router MUST comply with theĀ "IP / Host Name Boundary List".


Create a configuration without a Seed Router that contains the ip address and ip lists for those devices that are not found during the Seed Router discovery.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Discovery Console" section of the documentation for more information.