CA Dispatch RPO tasks abends with U0722 writing to CA Spool
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CA Dispatch RPO tasks abends with U0722 writing to CA Spool


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


The CA Dispatch RPO subtasks abends with U0722 writing output to a CA Spool defined printer/destination. A review of the CA Dispatch logs shows the following errors:

DC970300 V6 Abend Data for Task:        RPO
DC970301 V6 Abend Completion Code is:   U0722
DC970302 V6 Abending Load Module is:    UNKNOWN
DC970303 V6 Abending Program is:        UNKNOWN
DC970304 V6 Offset of Abend is:         75A2
DC970305 V6 Abend PSW is:               073C1000 A5F975A2
DC970306 V6 Registers at Time of Abend:
DC970306 V6 R0-R3   80000000 800002D2 7F34EFEB 00000065
DC970306 V6 R4-R7   008BD260 008FF9E8 7F7AD418 00F35300
DC970306 V6 R8-R11  7F329400 00000923 7F7ADDA3 00BCBE60
DC970306 V6 R12-R15 25F97400 7F34E3F8 00000000 00000000


z/OS 2.2
Dispatch 11.7
CA Spool 12.0


The U0722 abend in the CA Dispatch RPO subtask was due to exceeding the OUTLIM parameter defined to the CA Spool printer the report was printing on.


The recommendation from CA Spool support for prevention of the abend is to increase the CA Spool printers OUTLIM value.