In CA FAQS ASO; How do we define CICS terminals?
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In CA FAQS ASO; How do we define CICS terminals?


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


Trying to define terminals to CICS but the name of the console is changing each time the z/VSE machine is restarted. Is there an example based on the result of this command CORCMD STATUS=CONS showing multiple consoles ? 


z/VSE 6.1 and above
CA FAQs ASO any release
CICS any level


In the FAQS/ASO Installation Guide chapter 4 “Initialization”, section “CICS/TS Considerations” a method is described for defining CICS console terminals to be used when FAQS/ASO programs need to issue CICS commands.  The method describes how to use the CORCMD command to display the active FAQS/ASO consoles and then use this to build the name of  CICS consoles, which can be defined to CICS using CEDA. 
There is however a much simpler way to define the CICS consoles. This is alluded to in the FAQS/ASO documentation:
Considering the transitory nature of these definitions, you should consider using pooled consoles (DFHCONxx) to allow any CA FAQS ASO system console to communicate with CICS without requiring additional definitions. See the CICS/TS 1.1.1 manuals for more information.
The definitions required for these pooled consoles can be found in the member IESZTCT.Z provided by IBM and catalogued in the IJSYSRS.SYSLIB sublibrary.  These pooled consoles may have been defined when you installed VSE.  If they have not already been defined you can use this member as input to DFHCSDUP to create the pooled console definitions.

Additional Information

Documentation to review : CA FAQS/ASO Installation Guide chapter 4 “Initialization”, section “CICS/TS Considerations”