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When attempting the integration of Process Automation with Service Desk using the main installer it fails


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When attempting to integration Process Automation (ITPAM) with Service Desk (SD) using the main installer it fails and the install.log file captures the error bellow:

PAMProcessImporter] Loading PAM Process for SDM
DEBUG [DeployThread: Integración de los productos] [PAMProcessImporter] [https:, , servername or FQDN, itpam, soap]
ERROR [DeployThread: Integración de los productos] [PAMProcessImporter] Exception while loading PAM Process for SDM
ERROR [DeployThread: Integración de los productos] [PAMProcessImporter] [Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@1606140
INFO [DeployThread: Integración de los productos] [IntegrateSDMWithPAM] Importing Process Automation Sample Process returned with exitCode: -1


Cause 1:
The import of the sample process failed, since this part of the procedure does not include a retry it will failed directly and will prompt the error message, this could be caused by a connectivity issue at the given time of the integration.

Cause 2:
This issue will also occur if the PAM URL does not include the port, specifically for the samples of ITPAM the installer only recognizes hostname:port URLs. 


Service Desk 14.1 or above
ITPAM 4.3 or above


Solution 1:
Ensure that the network communication with the ITPAM server and SD server work properly during the installation and so on.

Solution 2:

1. Identify what you have in the DB:
SELECT * FROM [mdb].[dbo].[al_cdb_configurationparameters]
WHERE configvalue like '%itpam%'

2. The results should show the URLs in the format: https://server_name or FQDN/itpam/soap
3. Update these to have your port number so to something like: https://server_name:port/itpam/soap
4. Retry the installation process.