Implementation CTS 5.4 . Phase 0 messages missing
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Implementation CTS 5.4 . Phase 0 messages missing


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Customer applied the maintenance to support CTS 5.4. When they start CICS TS 5.4 the following messages are missing. .TSS6093I - TSS/CICS Initialization Phase 0 started .TSS6094I - TSS/CICS Initialization Phase 0 complete and other "Phase" message were missing too.


z/OS; TSS 16.0; CTS 5.4.0


Using ISRDDN has helped to find what was wrong.

Go to TSO command (option 6) and enter ISRDDN command. 
Then on the command line, enter LINKLIST, it should list your entire linklist. 
Then on the command line, enter M CAKSCINT, you should receive a prompt asking YES/NO to continue to look up your entire linklist, enter YES. 
If you are prompted with a box telling "Module CAKSCINT was found to be already loaded.", check the little box in the box and verify on the right handside that the RMID is RO91733. 
Also check that there is no other version which coule be pick up first. 
Verify that the module is only present once. 

You can do the same for module KO50DCM2. 

Additional Information

In most cases when "Phase" messages are missing either CA ENF does not catch that the CTS region is starting or DCM modules can be found.
So, either the CA ENF and/or the CA Top secret PTFs to support the CTS level are not applied and/or not move into the production libraries, or the DCMs are not foundable for any reason.
In any cases, you can use the IBM utility ISRDDN to check you LPA and your LINKLIST to see which programs and/or modules are reachable, in which order.