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CA Process Automation A folder or object with the specified name already exists


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Trying to create a new object in CA Process Automation with the same name of an object that was just deleted. The error message "A folder/object with the specified name already exists" and the new object cannot be created.
But the original one was deleted, why can the new object not be created?


Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


After deleting an object from CA Process Automation, that object is moved to the Recycle bin. 
Objects in the recycle bin are not automatically deleted, allowing for recovery.

If you need to create a new object or folder that has the same name as something that was moved to the recycle bin, you will need to purge the recycle bin before the new object can be created utilizing the same name. Otherwise, the new object will require a unique name.
Another work around would be to rename the original item (before sending to the recycle bin) with an added "_1" or "_old" or something similar. 

The recycle bin in Process Automation is not the same as say the recycle bin in Windows. The object is not deleted from the system, and a record of it still exists in the database. Your new object must have a unique name unless you purge the recycle bin. 


Additional Information

It's a good idea to check the recycle bin in CA Process Automation and perform regular purges of this to avoid naming conflicts. 
The recycle bin purge does not have an automated process, but you instead need to right click on the recycle bin and select "purge all" or you can select individual objects in the recycle bin, right click on one of the objects and select "purge selected".
But this should be done maybe bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how often objects are deleted from your environment.