How to configure dynamic index with the snmpget probe
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How to configure dynamic index with the snmpget probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


Cannot monitor OID with the snmpget probe. The index associated with this table entry is a dynamic index that is updated every 5 seconds.

How do you configure a dynamic index in order to monitor an OID from an SNMP table where the entry's index in the table can change between monitoring intervals?


UIM 8.51 or later
snmpget  2.01 and later


The instructions for setting up a dynamic index for an OID where the index can change between monitoring intervals is not clear.


Here are the steps for setting up a dynamic index monitor with the snmpget probe using the following contrived example:

You wish to monitor the ifInOctets (OID entry in the ifTable (OID for the entry where the ifDescr entry is "WAN Miniport (IP).".  The assumption is that the index for this entry can change between monitoring intervals.

1.  Create a new monitor for the device and in the Object Identier (OID) field on the Variable (NEW) dialogue, enter the table entry OID of the entry you wish to monitor:

2.  Select the Dynamic Index Tracking option and specify the OID for the table that contains the entry you wish to monitor in the SNMP MIB Table field and a value for the entry in the table that you wish to monitor.  Please note that this value must be a unique value and found in only 1 table entry in the table.  In this example, there is only 1 entry with an ifDescr value of "WAN Miniport (IP)."

3.  Select the test button to allow the probe to fetch the current index:

4.  Complete configuring the monitor to meet your monitoring needs then select the OK button to save the profile.