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SO03864 and SO05250 with the CA Top Secret Installation Exit.


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


PTF SO03864 added new functionality which records the type of logon credentials used. 

PTF SO05250 added new functionality which permits TSSUTIL to apply event selection criteria based upon the type of logon credentials used and to report the type of logon credentials used. 

However, no apparent consideration was given to the use of the TSS Installation Exit (TSSINSTX) at exit point ID "PREINIT", specifically in reference to - 

RC=08 Continue w/o Further Checking 
RC=12 Continue w/ BYPASS 
RC=20 Continue w/o Password Checking 

It appears to me that when any one of these three (3) logon override methodologies are made use of, the type of logon credentials recorded will not accurately reflect the actual methodology, and that a change is required to properly record the use of one of the TSS Installation Exit (TSSINSTX) logon override methodologies. 

In addition, a change to TSSUTIL is required such that it can recognize and report on these logon override methodologies. 


Component: TSSMVS


Plans already in place for new functionality. We will start working on it at the end of September.