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Does CA mainframe Application Tuner have a batch interface JCL or REXX feature to schedule a monitor session?


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Mainframe Application Tuner


I can't find any information relating to batch scheduling for the Mainframe Application Tuning product. I would like to know if CA MAT has a feature to support this functionally and if any examples are available?
I have implemented this functionality on other accounts using other tuning products. It shortens the problem determination time and reduces the requirement for everyone to know the complexities of how to initiate a monitoring session.




The client may be able to get the functionally they are looking for by using the TUNCALL API feature.
Please see the CA Mainframe Application Tuner r 11 link for further details.
See topic
In addition to defining and invoking monitor sessions online with the TSO Client, you can start a session by using the Open Application Program Interface (Open API). This feature allows you to monitor an application when conditions are most critical, including:
When a critical performance threshold is exceeded
When a program is executed under specific conditions
If you are using a console automation tool
If you are using a program change control system
The TUNCALL program is a single load module with several aliases that resides in hilevel.CEESPLD. For convenient access, copy TUNCALL into your Link Pack Area (LPA); remember to copy the alias definitions.
Use the TUNCALL program to define and start a monitoring session. You can invoke it in the following ways:
As a TSO command (from either REXX or CLIST EXECs)
As a batch job
As a called program