What is CA TPX Outbound Compression?
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What is CA TPX Outbound Compression?


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


CA TPX uses CA Common Services LMP keys to activate the various components of CA TPX.

What is Outbound Compression?  I found an LMP key for TPX OC Outbound Compression. 


Release: NVINAM00200-5.3-TPX-Session Management-Access Management package


Outbound Compression (product code OC) has been replaced by Advanced Data Compression (product code O0).

Contact CA Licensing if you would like the new LMP product code. This is an internal product code swap, so no paperwork would be required.

ADC has historically been part of the TPX Extended Pkg.

NOTE:  As of May 2017, CA TPX Portfolio Simplification of GA base and option SKUs means that customers should be able to obtain all CA TPX LMP codes as part of their licence.


Additional Information

TPX 5.4 Programming Guide - Advanced Data Compression