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CA UIM - Change / Decrease Alarm Severity to Minor


Article ID: 113214


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a test environment that we are monitoring and have now been been told that we do not want Critical alerts raised from this Hub. 

We would like ANY alerts from this Hub to be changed from the incoming severity to ALL be displayed as "Minor". This is because we do NOT want call outs during the night or cases raised a P1/Sev1 for this particular Hub. 

Is there a way to do this through the NAS ? 



Component: UIMNAS


1. Open the NAS GUI on the Primary Hub. 

2. Select Auto-Operator -> Scripts -> right click and select new script. 

3. Add the following and save the new script: 

event.level = "3" 
return event 

NOTE: If you test the script in this window it will fail, ignore the error. 

4. Under Auto-Operator -> Pre-processing Rules -> right click and select new. 

5. Select the following: 

- Filter type: custom 
- Severity Level: Major, Critical 
- Select "NMS Hub Name" and hit f1, select the hub in question. 
- Custom Script: Select the new script in question. 

- You can select the operating periods in the other tab.
- As a word of caution with this approach - the NAS will only run a single matching preprocessing rule. If this is the first one being added then there's no issue but if you are already using preprocessing rules then this rule would potentially prevent other matching preprocesing rules from being triggered. More details here: NAS preprocessing rules and order -