DUAS6: DQM Settings "Job Limit per MU / MU Type" can't be enabled / modified
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DUAS6: DQM Settings "Job Limit per MU / MU Type" can't be enabled / modified


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


  • Graphical Issue: UVC does not allow to modify / enable the "Job Limit per MU/MU Type"  on a Batch Queue, the option is always shown as Disabled and the content is not displayed correctly via UVC.


Queue AFR_MUS created with the MU limit as follows:

root@server:/apps/du/600/TST600/bin#./uxshwque queue=AFR_MUS
      JobLim 5
      List of Management Units
          V_ES                                                              1            0
          V_FR                                                              1            0
          V_IT                                                              1            0
          V_PO                                                              1            0
          V_PT                                                              1            0
          V_UK                                                              1            0
      Execution priority 20
      JobQue 0 , JobExe 0 , JobHld 0 , JobPend 0
Completed successfully

If we try to display it with UVC we don't see the Job Limit per MU enabled, neither the List of Management Units. 


  • Functional issue: when exporting to a package (via uvc) / xml (via uniexp) of a batch queue from a v5 node with MU Job Limit results on a file / package without the mu job limit configuration. 

If we export a queue created on a v6, the mu job limit configuration is correctly exported.


Dollar Universe 6 with Univiewer Console


This is by design, the feature has not been implemented in UVC.


For the graphical issue, use UVC to display the DQM properties (command uxshwque) 
For the functional issue:
1. Delete the queues on v5 before the upgrade
2. Upgrade to v6
3. Create the Batch Queues in version 6 and update them via the command line uxupdque to add the mu job limits per mu

Solution: a Story ( Product Enhancement Request) has been created for this case PMDU-859 in order to be able to implement these features on UVC on version 6.