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DUAS6: DQM Settings "Job Limit per MU / MU Type" can't be enabled / modified


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


  • Graphical Issue: UVC does not allow to modify / enable the "Job Limit per MU/MU Type"  on a Batch Queue, the option is always shown as Disabled and the content is not displayed correctly via UVC.


Queue AFR_MUS created with the MU limit as follows:

[email protected]:/apps/du/600/TST600/bin#./uxshwque queue=AFR_MUS
      JobLim 5
      List of Management Units
          V_ES                                                              1            0
          V_FR                                                              1            0
          V_IT                                                              1            0
          V_PO                                                              1            0
          V_PT                                                              1            0
          V_UK                                                              1            0
      Execution priority 20
      JobQue 0 , JobExe 0 , JobHld 0 , JobPend 0
Completed successfully

If we try to display it with UVC we don't see the Job Limit per MU enabled, neither the List of Management Units. 

<Please see attached file for image>

afr_mus queue seen via UVC
  • Functional issue: when exporting to a package (via uvc) / xml (via uniexp) of a batch queue from a v5 node with MU Job Limit results on a file / package without the mu job limit configuration. 

If we export a queue created on a v6, the mu job limit configuration is correctly exported.


This is by design, the feature has not been implemented in UVC.


Dollar Universe 6 with Univiewer Console


For the graphical issue, use UVC to display the DQM properties (command uxshwque) 
For the functional issue:
1. Delete the queues on v5 before the upgrade
2. Upgrade to v6
3. Create the Batch Queues in version 6 and update them via the command line uxupdque to add the mu job limits per mu

Solution: a Story ( Product Enhancement Request) has been created for this case PMDU-859 in order to be able to implement these features on UVC on version 6.


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