How is the machine state data collected
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How is the machine state data collected


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CA Data Protection (DataMinder)


When viewing the CA Data Protection machine state information in the Administration Console (Acon) the data appears to be out of date.  What is the cause of this behavior and how can the situation be improved?


CA Data Protection 14.x/15.x


The Machine state data is generally gathered on a scheduled basis, according to the Diagnostics settings in machine policy for the CMS. The default settings for this policy (collection once a day at noon) means that the list will not reflect the status of child machines in real-time. 

These settings may be altered to provide a more up-to-date status, but there will be some associated increase in network/CMS CPU usage. 

The scheduled machine diagnostic collection is transported over UDP.  During periods of heavy replication traffic (especially across slow WAN connections) there may be some  loss of UDP packets which could result in an incomplete collection, until the next scheduled diagnostic collection point. 

Some Tips: 
(1) The machine state information from the right-click menu is gathered when the right-click Machine State item is clicked, so this can appear more up-to-date. 

(2) The suspend/resume cycle will also update the Acon list with correct status because a change in infrastructure state at the child machine causes that machine to send a status update to the CMS immediately afterwards. 

(3) If you right click View Log files this will use the infrastructure on the local machine to pull the log files from the client and if successful this will indicate that the local infrastructure is accessible even if it is not fully functional and the activity log content can be sued to troubleshoot further.


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