TSSMAINS fails with IEC161I 039-061 on VSAM AIX file
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TSSMAINS fails with IEC161I 039-061 on VSAM AIX file


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Already migrated al our Security files that are Stand-Alone Security fles to MAX_ACID of 1024 and AES256 . Remaining two lpars share same security file . In process of implementing new Security file with MAX_ACID_SIZE of 1024 and AES256 , I've submitted three jobs : 1) allocating new VSAMFILE and itsrelated VSAM AIX file 2) allocating new VSAM Backup file 3) running TSSMAINS with new SECPARMS , poiting to new VSAM FILE Job ends with IEC161I 039-061 message poiting to new VSAM AIX file . Job shows that formatting of the Security file was OK . Did I miss something ?


Component: TSSMVS


you must run within the TSSMAINS job the step 2 to build the alternate index file.
The IEC161I message is just informational.