Identity Portal How to users can see their requests done through Identity Portal (Cart)?
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Identity Portal How to users can see their requests done through Identity Portal (Cart)?


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How can a user see all their history requests done through Identity Portal (Cart)?


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Users can get a list of all of the Task they, or anyone they have scoping to see in IDM, have submitted through the Portal My Requests module. 

Open the My Requests Modules, Click the drop down arrow to open the Advanced Search and specify your search conditions.

To search for all Tasks submitted by the user logged into Portal select "Search In = My Requests".  To search Tasks submitted by other users, select "Search in = All"   (be aware, "All" has limits based on scoping policies in IDM itself)

For example, to see ALL Completed "Create User" tasks from the past 30 days which had an Access element of 'Application1' set:


Things to consider:
>This should always show the individuals submitted Tasks and will show 'All' tasks that a user is scope to have access to see.   The view should closely match what an individual sees if they open View Submitted Tasks in IDM.   If a user does not have access to VST they most likely will only have access to view Tasks that that specific user has submitted through Portal even when 'All' is selected. 

>Tasks that have been cleared from the Task Persistence database, either archived or deleted, will never show in this view.


Additional Information

An alternative would be to access View Submitted Tasks from Identity Manager to review Task history which will provide more detail about the tasks which will be useful in the event of failures or other unexpected behaviors.   
View Submitted Task in IDM will also give access to Task that have been Archived.