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How to remove and replace agent packages staged for deployment?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Agent packages used for deployment are 'staged' to Scalability Servers via the 'Deployment Wizard' in DSM Explorer and are stored in a separate location than standard packages staged for use by Software Delivery. If a package staged for deployment is corrupt or needs to otherwise be replaced with another one of the same version, the process must be carried out manually as there is no provision currently to forcibly overwrite a package staged for deployment on a Scalability Server. (This can be done for Software Delivery library items however.

Default SD Library location on Domain Manager and Scalability Server:


Default Agent Deployment Package location on Domain Manager:

...\CA\DSM\Packages\Public\<Package Name>\12.0\ (Ex. \CAUnicenterDSM\AgentAM+RC+SD\12.0)


Default Agent Deployment Package location on Scalability Server:

...\CA\DSM\DMPrimer\CAUnicenterDSM\<Package Name>\12.0


Client Automation - All versions

* Environment containing a Domain Manager and at least one remote Scalability Server.


To replace packages staged for deployment, all instances of the package must be manually replaced in the default locations on the DM as well as all Scalability Server (SS) systems that have received the package thus far. However, when this is done, the files and folders may be locked by CAF and unable to be deleted. When this happens, the following procedure will allow the packages to be manually removed and replaced on the SS without requiring a reboot:

In an administrative command prompt, run the following commands and perform the actions specified:

CAM change disabled
CAM stop
< attempt deletion and/or replacement of deployment packages>
CAM change auto & CAM start -c -l