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Scheduled Job Notifications coming from actual email address and not the "do-not-reply" address


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Email notifications for the scheduled Jobs shows as coming from "[email protected] <[email protected]>" in the header of the email that is sent.  We would like to remove the "[email protected]" part.


Component: ODBPM


Unfortunately there is no way to "hide" or remove that address from the notifications. The product is specifically designed to send those notifications from the user that scheduled the job to run. 

Possible option: 
  1. Create a resource/user in PPM that you would use as a service account for the sole purpose of scheduling jobs etc. 
  2. For example create a new resource/user in PPM called "ppmserviceuser" and set its email address to the "[email protected]" address. Then log in as that user, and re-schedule all the jobs as that user.

Note: it may be best to first make a complete list of the currently scheduled jobs so you can cross off the ones you re-schedule as the new user, and then delete them so they dont run twice. 

Now when the notifications from those jobs go out, they will come from that service account you created with the do-not-reply email address.