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Is CA Vision product affected by applying IBM APAR OA54807?


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This APAR introduces the OSPROTECT system parameter which
specifies the operating system protection mode for unauthorized
programs and users.

Software must no longer reference the IHAPSA field PSASTAK. With this PTF, PSASTAK is no longer the beginning of the normal FRR stack. PSACSTK is an existing pointer to the beginning of the normal FRR stack. Software that references PSASTAK must be converted to use PSACSTK as the pointer to the normal FRR stack.The PSASTAK is related to recovery management and the apar itself changes the  definition of the PSASTAK field in module IHAPSA  to PSACSTK and software continuing to reference PSASTAK can receive a S0C4. 

Are the CA Vision Suite products affected by IBM APAR OA54807 and the new OSPROTECT feature?


z/OS 2.2 and above
Any release of the CA Vision Suite products  


There are no product components that will be affected by the APAR OA54807. Product is considered certified.