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ERROR: PWC6117: File not found in Enterprise Manager log


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


CA APM 10.5.2 sp1 HOTFIX 39. Enterprise Manager log is showing following messages.

ERROR: PWC6117: File "/opt/CA/APM/EM/product/enterprisemanager/plugins/com.wily.introscope.workstation.webstart_10.5.2/WebContent/dms2/Login.jsp" not found.

Intermittently we find the above error in Enterprise Manager log. The error is occurring on multiple EMs and in multiple APM clusters in this environment. We ran the product cache clean procedure which does not seem to help in this environment as this procedure (product cache clean) resolved this issue in other customer's environments.


Component: APMISP


1. From the file name it seems that file without 6117 is from Collector, but 6117 message refers to webstart workstation. 
Perhaps the fact that we don't get this message on collector machine simply shows that we don't run webstart workstation against the collector. 

Check if we have MOM where the issue does not occur, even when we run webstart workstation? 

2. The error message itself refers to file com.wily.introscope.workstation.webstart_10.5.2/WebContent/dms2/Login.jsp. This file is not part of the standard distribution. 
Find out if it was added by some customization at some point - It may be some kind of customization? 

Here are some of other factors: 
a. customized its installation but customization was lost during SP or HF upgrade ( We think that HF script just overrides com.wily.introscope.workstation.webstart , it doesn't expect any customisation there ) 
b. There was no customization of com.wily.introscope.workstation.webstart, but file dms2/Login.jsp is referenced from some custom Manage Module or Alert - then it's a Manage Module error and we could fix it. 
c. Security scan of the enterprise managers web server.