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CA Intertest Batch CA Intrertest for CICS r10.0 or r11.0 and IBM APAR OA54807 compatibility


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InterTest - CICS InterTest - Batch InterTest VSE - CICS


This APAR introduces the OSPROTECT system parameter which specifies the operating system protection mode for unauthorized programs and users. With this apar applied, software must no longer reference the IHAPSA field PSASTAK because the PSASTAK is no longer the beginning of the normal FRR stack. PSACSTK is an existing pointer to the beginning of the normal FRR stack. Software that references PSASTAK must be converted to use PSACSTK as the pointer to the normal FRR stack.The PSASTAK is related to recovery management and the apar itself changes the definintion of the PSASTAK field in module IHAPSA  to PSACSTK and software continuing to reference PSASTAK can receive a S0C4. 

Is there any specific fix for the Intertes Batch and Intertest CICS products for the Meltdown mitigation fixes from IBM - APAR OA54807?


CA InterTest Batch and/or CA InterTest for CICS installed in a z/OS 2.1, 2.2,or 2.3 environment with IBM APAR OA54807 applied.   


IBM APAR OA54807 has no impact on either InterTest Batch or InnterTest for CICS.

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