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Remove device from Netops Inventory when contributed from multiple data sources


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


How do you remove a device from DX Netops Portal Inventory if it does not exist in monitored devices on the DX Netops Data Aggregator?

Removed device from Data Aggregator Monitored Devices Inventory. It remains in NetOps Portal Inventory and ends up being recreated in the Data Aggregator Monitored Devices Inventory. How can it be completed removed?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Device is contributed to Portal Inventory from multiple data sources. If not removed from ALL Data Sources, it will continue to be added to the NetOps Inventory.

If the Data Aggregator is configured to receive inventory from the Portal it may return after being removed from the Data Aggregator Monitored Devices Inventory.

Items are not removed from the DX Netops Portal until no Data Source is contributing the device.


Use the following MySql query to identify what Data Sources are contributing the device to the Portal inventory.

  1. Connect to MySql netqosportal database. Run (default path shown) the following command. Enter the password when prompted.
    • /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql -uroot -p netqosportal
  2. Run the following command to list the devices. Replace <item_name> with the specific device name.
    • select a.SourceID,a.LocalID,a.ItemID,v6_ntoa(a.address),a.ItemName, b.consolename from dst_device a, data_sources2 b where a.sourceid=b.sourceid and itemname='<item_name>';
  3. Review the output and delete the device from all Data Sources.