Office365 hybrid mode setting licenses for the accounts fails
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Office365 hybrid mode setting licenses for the accounts fails


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


The customer has a hybrid Office365 implementation. When adding an O365 provisioning role to a global user, the expected behavior is that the user is retrieved from O365 and licenses added.
But the connector fails with:
20180831:100701:TID=a7bb70:Add :S316:C314:F: FAILURE: Connector Server Add (eTDYNAccountName=XXX) rc: 0x0013 (Constraint violation) 
msg: Connector Server Add failed: code 19 (CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION): failed to add entry eTDYNAccountName=XXX,eTDYNAccountContainerName=Accounts,eTDYNDirectoryName=Office365,eTNamespaceName=Office 365,dc=im,dc=etasa: 
JCS@T-NLDCB-+APL94: O365: Failed to add account [XXX]. 
[new-msoluser : You must provide a required property: Parameter name: FederatedUser.SourceAnchor]

As they have set the Hybrid Mode for their endpoint.
Into the jcs_conn_Office365 log after the following line:
DEBUG - Adding Office 365 Account.... 
we should have the following one:
DEBUG - Updating Office 365 Hybrid Account: XXX
But we do not have.
Everything processed as if the Hybrid Mode option is not considered as enabled.



vApp r14.2.0. No HA. No cluster.
JCS, CCS, IMPM under Windows (Out of the vApp)


CA Support requested the Client's <Connector Server Home>\system\com\ca\jcs\jcs-connector-o365\1.1.0\jcs-connector-o365-1.1.0.jar
CA Support checked the jar file and found it was a previous r14.1 version one and was not updated to r14.2.0.
So no Hybrid Mode management material into those executable classes.


In this case the JCS (Connector Server) is out of the vApp box. 
So to upgrade this Java Connector Server, you need, from the vAPP r14.2.0 dashboard, to download the JCS from External tools. 
And so run the upgrade using this downloaded package.