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Spectrum-Uim integration not able to see spectrum inventory in UIM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Configured  Spectrum-UIM integration. Validation is successful, but not able to see the spectrum inventory in CA UIM.
Created a Global collection and have provided the same in the spectrumgtw probe configuration.
Devices are available in the Global collection but when full synch to UIM is done , it is not appearing in CA UIM.


UIM 8.51
spectrumgtw 8.65


Here Spectrum version was and UIM 8.51

As per documentation Spectrum version is not compatible with newer spectrumgtw 8.65 

i.e spectrumgtw 8.65 is not compatible with Spectrum 

Upgrade to Specturm 10.2.3 and also upgrade EMS probe 10.17 and NAS probe to 9 resolved the issue 

Now the CI/inventory from Spectrum are available in CA UIM