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Superseded CI can not be set to Active


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When a Configuration Item (CI) is superseded, the "Active?" field automatically changes from Active to Inactive.

When a CI is superseded, the intention is to bypass it, to no longer use it, and so the status of the CI is set to Inactive. 

If you try to set the status to Active, the message "cmdb_reject_change:1800 - A superseded CI cannot be set to Active " is displayed.

Even with the 'allow_updates_to_superseded_ci' option installed, it is not possible to change the "Active?" field; only other fields of the superseded CI can be changed. 


Our business requires superseded CI's to have the "Active" field set to "Active", not set to "Inactive".  How can we achieve that?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1


As per the message "cmdb_reject_change:1800 - A superseded CI cannot be set to Active", the web interface does not enable setting the status of a superseded CI to active. This is by design of Reconciliation Management per the documentation on this page:

With the "allow_updates_to_superseded_ci" option installed, you can edit the CI fields of a superseded CI, it is just the "Active?" field that cannot be changed directly. So, with the option installed, you could remove the CI specified in the "Superseded By" field of the superseded CI (for example, use the delete key to clear the field), Save, then edit and change the status of the CI from Inactive to Active, and Save. But, that would basically revert the earlier supersede action. Is it possible you just want to exclude particular CI's from Ambiguity management instead of superseding CI's?  Resolving ambiguous CI's by excluding the ambiguity is an alternative to superseding CI's.

Warning: If you really do need the status of superseded CI's to be changed from inactive to active and to retain the superseded status of that CI, and you decide to use pdm_extract and pdm_load to do that, then issues should be expected - any issues would be unsupported by CA Support team and so this approach is NOT recommended.

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