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Portlets in the Overview page right column are not reacting correctly when minimizing and restoring


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When using the "Minimize" option for some portlets, the portlet below is also minimized. This also creates an state inconsitency where the portlet below will not properly do the "Restore" when needed.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. On the Overview page (npt.overview), by default it shows 4 portlets at the right: Favorite Links, Notifications, Favorite Photo, Site Links.
  2. On any portlet that has a portlet below (using Favorite Links for the example), click on Options > Minimize
Expected Results: Selected portlet minimizes / collapses
Actual Results: Selected portlet minimizes / collapses, as well as the portlet below (e.g.: if Favorite Links is minimized, Notifications will minimize as well)

This also leads to a state inconsistency where one portlet is minimized but does not seem to be aware of this:
  1. On the same portlet (Favorite Links), click on Options > Restore.
Expected Results: Favorite Links is restored / expanded.
Actual Results: Notifications portlet is restored / expanded.


This issue has been reported in CA PPM 15.4 SP1 (15.4.1)


This issue has been reported to Engineering asĀ DE43993.


This issue has been reviewed by Engineering and the fix is targeted to be included in PPM 15.6.