How to change the database hostname/IP. in dSereis (DE)?
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How to change the database hostname/IP. in dSereis (DE)?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


This article describes the procedure to configure DSERIES to accommodate the change done in DB server.


Workload automation DE 12.x


1- Stop DE server (If running in High Availability (HA) mode, stop standby server first) before the hostname is changed at DB server.

2- In DE primary server, execute the "setdbparm" utility  to change the "jdbc.URL"  parameter, and enter the new DB URL connection, containing the new db server hostname/ip address.

Change to the following directory at the command prompt:

On Windows:  install_dir\bin

On UNIX: install_dir/bin

Enter the following command:

On Windows: setdbparm.bat jdbc.URL

On UNIX: ./ jdbc.URL

PS: The setdbparm utility will change the contents of <install_directory>/conf/ file. Please take a backup before doing it.

3- Test the DB connection using the "validateDbConnection.bat" (Windows) or "" (Unix) script located in /bin folder.

4- (HA only) Copy the file to standby server. After that, execute the same test mentioned in step3.

5- Start DE servers (If running in HA mode, start primary server first).

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