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Web Services(SOAPUI) insert an exclamation mark in a form-field-value in CA Service Catalog


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Windows 2012, sql 2014 SLCM r14.1.05

In web services,under requestValuesData the sign "!" is the delimiter between several fields.
But how can I handle this sign "!" if it should be part of the value?

You have a service offering holding a service option with a form attached.
You create a request for this offering with SOAPUI/Web Services.
You need to add an Exclamation mar in the value of a form field.




In web services:
<formValuesData xsi:type="xsd:string">offering_id:10180|rate_plan_id:10157|item_id:12498|txta:ExclMark One&#65045;Two&#65111;Three&#65281;Four&#33;</formValuesData> 

Please also check:
Step 6 - (Optional) Specify Special Characters

And in addition, two examples of 'other' special characters to be inserted:
&#163; = Pound sign
One&#65045;Two&#65111;Three&#65281;Four&#33; Four different settings for the exclamation mark!

Use the 'decimal value' of the character involved.
And set that as in the above examples in the web services 'value' string.