TSS LIST with Archive / Command sequence
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TSS LIST with Archive / Command sequence


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


The command list using the archive optionĀ 

Hello Support A Profile or user contains permissions e.g. XA DATASET = TRVD.IDI.XD. ACCESS = READ XA DATASET = TRVD.IDI.XD. ACCESS = UPDATE ACTION = AUDIT XA DATASET = TRVD.IDI.XD. ACCESS = ALL ACTION = AUDIT So all non-read events are audited for this dataset TSS LIST with Archive Option creates TSS PERMIT(xxxx) DSNAME(TRVD.IDI.XD.) ACCESS(ALL) ACTION(AUDIT) TSS PERMIT(xxxx) DSNAME(TRVD.IDI.XD.) ACCESS(READ) TSS PERMIT(xxxx) DSNAME(TRVD.IDI.XD.) ACCESS(UPDATE) ACTION(AUDIT) The commands are correct, but not in correct sequence. Very often this does not matter. But in this case the seq is important. If they are used in this seq, than the first all permissions satisfies all requests, hence also read requests are audited Is there a way to get a command list in correct seq? If i use the archive option and reuse the commands, then i always have to reorder such commands in ispf edit. In this case it seems there is alphabetical sort of access (All,READ,UPDATE) CA Cleanup has a similar sort. I also have to change such reports.




Currently there is no way to control the order when using ARCHIVE.